The Superiority of Solid Surfaces

Solid surface is a material made from a formulation of natural minerals and pure acrylic. It can be thermoformed to many shapes, has an inviting silky feel, is hygienic and non porous, is easily renewable, has no ugly joins to catch dirt and has a high quality appearance. 

Hundreds of colours are available including translucent colours that are perfect for backlighting. We can also custom colour match.

Solid surface materials are used to produce beautiful elegant durable products. However solid surface fabricating is a specialised trade. Always ensure your project is completed by a specialist professional solid surface fabricator.

Specialist professional solid surface fabricator + Genuine proven material = Beautiful durable product

Compare Solid Surface to other materials:




Solid Surface materials offer seamless joints that in many colours are almost invisible to the naked eye. Colours that have a degree of translucency or a vein pattern are more visible, however the seam will still not catch dirt and cannot be felt. Also solid surface offers great flexibility with joint placement. See www.solidsurfacestandards.com.au for more information on the visibility of joints in different colours.

Silica Free

Crystalline Silica can be very dangerous to fabricate, install and remove from you project. Silica dust is linked to Silicosis. Unlike many reconstituted stone products, Solid Surface DOES NOT include Crystalline Silica as an ingredient, or in any part of the manufacturing process. Solid surface is Crystalline Silica FREE. For more information click this safe surfaces link

Non Pourous

Solid Surface is non porous so you are protected from cross contamination. This has major benefit in the areas of food preparation, medical, laboratory, aged care and around children. The non porous properties of solid surface also make it resistant to stains, mould and mildew.

Easily Renewable

Solid surface is the same all the way through the material. We do not add any sealer on coatings that can wear off. We achieve your desired gloss level by sanding to different grades. At any stage throughout the life of the product it can easily be re-sanded back to as new condition. We can even change the gloss level if you want a different look down the track.

Easily Repairable

We can keep a piece of the same batch material for your project so it can easily be altered or repaired in the future. See our off site holding service for more details.


ProSolid has full in house thermoforming capabilities. We can bend solid surface to almost any shape.

Warm & Inviting

Even with all the safe non porous properties of solid surface, it still has a warm and inviting look. You don’t need to feel like you are in a stainless steel laboratory to be safe when you use Solid Surface.

Elegant High Quality Appearance

Solid surface is a high end product used on some of the most prestigious projects worldwide. Give your project the quality it deserves.